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Beta Bayern Biotech

The idea of the BETA BAYERN biotech has been developed by a group of scientists in 2017 and the company established as a start-up in early 2019.

Beta Bayern is a fast-growing, Bavarian biotech Brand with full representation in the country and several countries all around the world. Beat Bayern is an innovative company that’s quickly established itself since its inception in Bavaria. We are already fully certified for production and trade according to German requirements, including full licenses under the ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards. At Beta Bayern, we are fully funded by scientists and biotech professionals with long, prestigious backgrounds in the academic and industry sectors. Our rapid growth and strong market presence have encouraged us to seek potential partners in order to further increase our influence in current markets, expand our expertise into new markets and seek new opportunities.

Beta Bayern focuses on developing, manufacturing, and trading innovative diagnostic kits, high-quality diagnostic devices, and proven scientific methods that accelerate and improve many research and diagnostic processes. Beta Bayern has developed several high-quality products, available in the European market, including medical devices, molecular kits, and rapid tests. In all our efforts, we focus on quality, green technologies that advance the space in which they sit.

One of our fastest areas of growth and most exciting avenues of opportunity has occurred due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Beta Bayern was already active and successful in the business of molecular biological and rapid test products. When the COVID-19 outbreak occurred, we were quickly able to develop multiplex PCR kits and Rapid IgG/IgM kits to assist with the detection and prevention of the virus. This is just one illustration of our ability to rapidly turn innovation into production and our ability to adapt in a volatile, ever-changing sector.

One aspect of our rapid success in innovation is greatly due to the Bayern Innovative environment which acts as a catalyst for many of our projects and innovations. We use advanced technology such as trend radars, road mapping, and scenario analysis to strengthen the innovation capability of our projects and secure them competitive advantages in the long term. This helps Beta Bayern rapidly grow and expand into various aspects of the biotech industry.

Our founder’s long background in industry and the scientific community has enabled Beta Bayern to efficiently and rapidly insert itself into the market, successfully introducing ten high-quality biotech products since its inception. We’ve collaborated with both regional and national start-ups, including innovation networks in Germany and Bayern, and are poised for further extension of our influence.

Beta Bayern’s professional scientific team and German-based industry environment have led to a growing, international connection, that bridges the gap between the research of molecular biology, the implementation of diagnostic tests, and the use of essential medical devices. Beta Bayern is a biotech company, ripe with opportunity, with the background and potential to emerge as a strong leader in the biotech market.

Bayern Innovativ

When it comes to innovations, Bayern Innovativ is knowledge manager, idea generator and catalyst.

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BayStartUP is the Bavarian startup institution for company formation, financing and acceleration.

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